Hello everyone!

So, After banging my head across multiple articles, posts and many stack overflow thread’s, i finally managed to setup “SUPERVISOR” for laravel queue processing and here i am writing this post that might help someone.

At first, the official documentation appears a neat guide but, for me it was a bit more vague, as i just quickly wanted to setup one for my site. So, further without adding up anything from my story, let me share the steps that worked for me.

For those who don’t know what is “supervisor” here is what it’s official documentation has to…

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Hi all,

Have you ever used slack for chat, sharing files or to collaborate with your teams on work? if no then (@slack is an awesome application to collaborate with teams and it comes with tones of great features like multiple type file sharing,bots and many more…) else continue here 😛…well, I was just wondering if, I can use slack to monitor my web applications and came up with this simple solution.

(A Friendly Note : Yea, I know that, #laravel already comes packed with support for slack notifications but, at the time of writing this, i had not explored…

Hello Everyone,

This is just a follow up guide after my first introductory post over “Terminal” app. So, If you are interested in checking it you can have a look here.

Note : Before you begin please note, this article was written during the initial release of Terminal App since then, it received many technical updates So the guide may differ a bit but rest all the steps remains the same! To keep the track of updates please refer this link

So, lets get back to the topic.

As, i had already mentioned in my previous post, adding a new…

Laravel Horizon + Redis

Hey Folks, I Hope you all are doing well. Today, I am going to talks a bit about Queue management with Laravel Horizon and Redis. Though you may feel its too late to talk about but I would like to add this as a refresher or may be a guide for the people who are still away from it.

If you are only interested in setting up the jobs the old school way, you can check my old article here

(Note : Redis don’t support windows (at least at the time of writing this article) So, If you are into…

Debugging the code is an integral part of our work and If I say as a developer we spend more than half of the development time on debugging, it wont be too wrong.

Well, the typical approach of debugging many of developers choose (Including me 😅) is to add incremental visual breakpoints in the code flow (with var_dump(), exit(), dd() ) and execute the flow to check if any of them ever hits. I myself did this for too long until I realized thought it was quick and simple, It was not practical for complex cases and that’s the time…

Microsoft VSCode (Pic :Microsoft)

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well!

Here in this article, I’ll try to explain you how you can use the vs-code snippets and gain some added productivity in your workflow. I know many of you might be already using this functionality but, I do find many people who are still not either aware of this feature or they find it confusing or they don’t want to spend time to learn something new just to have an autocomplete.
(I’ll happily admit that I was no exception to them before I actually started using it. 😅)

So lets start,


So, to the all the PHP lovers out there, this line might scorch you and by looking at the title of this article you might have also cursed the author of the article (Me 😅) like hell at first & frankly speaking, I also felt the same while I wrote the title for the article… So Apologies before we begin!!!

Jokes and pun’s apart, I have been working with PHP since last 5 years and haven’t regretted at any point in time for sure. …

Pic curtesy : unsplash

Hey there, Its been so long since I have posted anything so here in this article I will try to share how I have setup simple web development environment with PHP & MySQL.

PS : This article assumes you have a Linux based system so, if you are on windows please checkout official guide here on how to setup WSL on windows.

Lets begin,

1) Setup Server (Apache2/httpd) :

I prefer to work with apache server so, the process will follow the steps tailored toward apache installation.

To install the apache simply run the below command.

> sudo apt-get install apache2 


> sudo yum…

Hello folks, this is short read for quick Xdebug configuration for debugging Laravel based application. (This also applies to any in general PHP code debug) Also please note that, this is a follow-up article to Configuring and setting up Xdebug for basic PHP development so, if you haven’t checked it, please check it on below link as this article assumes configuration setup from previous article.
Do you Xdebug your PHP code?. Debugging the code is an integral part… | by Rohit P. Shirke | Dec, 2020 | Medium

Now lets get back to the business,

Introduction :

A typical debugging session is…

Semantic versioning

Have you ever been in situation where, you have seen those complicated strings like (1.*.*) and wondered what does it stands for? Why do they keep on changing? What does each of them specify? So here is some little introduction that may help you understand the concept.

Lets Understand the Concept first.

The whole Idea behind having those string is to make sure whatever change we push across for our package/lib does not create any adverse effects on the packages or dependencies that depends upon our package/lib.

The Concept is called “Semantic versioning” to avoid situation called “dependency hell” where Its almost impossible to manage…

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